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The Chill-Rite Difference

The Chill-Rite Difference

The Chill Rite Way

 Chill Rite is a company created to solve the operational issues that often plague bar owners. Beer systems often waste 25% or more of draft products in the form of foamy beer. This is often a result of a lack of temperature control and a “one size fits all” system design. These generic designs are caused by a pieces and parts methodology in creating a beer system. The plug and play mindset of filling in each part of a system with no consideration on how the system will operate as a unit. As a company, we do not believe in the cookie cutter approach to beer systems. Every system is designed to the specific needs of the customer, which creates a unique system for every job. Designing our systems in this manner means we place as much consideration into designing a pub as we do a brewery.

99% Keg Yields

The operator makes $500-$1000 more profit a week compared to other beer systems on the market. 3rd party studies have shown that we consistently deliver keg yields upwards of 95% on average.

Absolute Temperature Control

32 degrees at taps or any other desired temperature can be dialed to within ONE degree with our chillers.  Beer temperature is NOT dependent on keg cooler temperature or the length of the line run (industry standard).

Versatility Through Technology

Our entire manufacturing process is built around customizing a system to best fit the operator’s needs. Not the other way around.  Recently, Chill Rite has incorporated multiple product dispensing into our comprehensive systems.  Our customers enjoy having one supplier for draft beer, wine, water, cocktails, coffee or any other batch mixed product chilled and dispensed through our system.  We have the technology to dispense many types of beverages at various temperatures through a single system.  All of this is done with our same dispensing philosophy: declutter your bar and maximize the efficiency and profitability of that bar.  Remote beverage systems are just that –  Keep all refrigeration and dispensing hardware in the back of the house and accentuate a clean, handsome dispenser at the bar that combines all your beverage offerings in one comprehensive system.   


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Dispensing temperature and serving temperature are two different things.
  • Dispensing at 32 degrees stabilizes the natural carbonation and allows for a clean pour, thus, giving the operator full control of their keg yield.
  • Average service time from pour till delivery to table is 8 minutes with a warm up of 2-4 degrees during that interim, with the variable of chilled or non-chilled glassware.  So, 32-degree dispensed beer is consumed at 34-36 degrees.
  • Beer dispensed at 36 degrees has same warming trend and gets consumed at 40 + degrees.
  • Operator loses control of keg yield due to unstable CO2 at 38 degrees leading to excess foam and lower keg yields.4-36
  • Carbonation and temperature are directly related.  Warmer liquid temperature causes expansion of CO2 molecules (excess foaming) whereas colder liquid temperatures cause contraction of CO2 molecules which leads to high keg yields. 
  • By keeping the beer more stable with cold temperatures, the beer should maintain the brewers intended level of carbonation and optimum flavor.
  • When beer is dispensed at a warmer temperature with the increased foam, the flavor profile of the beer is altered due to the loss of carbonation.
  • Beer is brewed and racked with pure CO2, which is a natural by-product of the fermentation process. Beer is pressurized by the brewer (racked) with pure CO2 to maintain the intended carbonation levels.
  • Nitrogen is required for certain systems depending on application.
  • For further details of the different applications please see the education section of our website LINK
  • Chill Rite provides a fully engineered system. Every part of our system is designed to work in unison with one another to create cohesion throughout the entire system.
  • Chill-Rite systems are capable of reducing the temperature of the beer from the walk-in cooler to the dispensing point, whatever the desired temperature. For example, from a 40 degree walk-in, we can dispense 32 degree beer or lower at the taps.
  • The system’s biggest benefit is our total control of the temperature at the taps. Chill Rite is capable of controlling the temperature at the tap within 1 degree. In contrast our competitor’s systems are designed to maintain a temperature at the tap of 2 degrees above the walk-in temperature.
  • Every component within the Chill-Rite system is made from only the best materials. These components are preassembled and staged for quick and seamless installation. 
  • Sealed systems versus open systems refers directly to the glycol reservoir in the chiller.  Chill Rite’s glycol reservoir is an air tight sealed container that does not allow exposure to atmosphere.  An open bath system may be closed but is not in an air tight environment.  Why does that matter?  It matters because glycol has a natural tendency to dilute itself through absorption of humidity in the air.  This dilution necessitates frequent service on open bath systems that Chill Rite’s sealed systems do not require thus saving operators $1000/year minimum in maintenance costs.
  • Chill Rite has a nationwide network of authorized service agents that are trained to do both installation and service work
  • No, as long as the system is pressurized correctly it is irrelevant whether the run is overhead or underground. 
  • Chill Rite’s competitive pricing, when combined with the quality of components, craftsmanship, passion, and expertise leads to a value in the industry that is unchallenged.