Chill-Rite 32

Multi-Product Delivery


Increase your beverage offerings with ambient, chilled flat and chilled sparkling water on tap. Cold, delicious and sparkling water on tap saves operator expense of bottled water as well as disposal costs. Remote refrigeration often times combined with other beverages on tap turns operators attention to moneymaking for entire beverage program.


Chill-Rite puts the control of beer temperature and keg yields back in the hands of the operator. With a Chill-Rite system, the operator’s profits are not dependent upon keg cooler temperature fluctuations or traffic in and out of the cooler. Chill-Rite delivers controlled temperature every time independent of keg cooler temperatures.


Wine on Tap is here to stay especially when the operator can brag on better fresher wine, lower costs, less waste and higher profits.  Chill-Rite extends its expertise to wine dispensing through their ability to control temperatures precisely.  Now, one Chill-Rite system can deliver white wine and red wine to the same dispenser at recommended serving temperatures through any style of tower. The possibilities are endless.


Cold brew coffee pure and natural kissed with a splash of Nitrogen at the taps then served rich creamy and effervescent. Chill-Rite makes it easy to add coffee to your variety of drinks on tap.


Savvy operators are figuring out that a variety of cocktails on tap is an operational win as well as a major profit center. Batch mixing cocktail product and dispensing through the tap system allows for consistency in drink quality, labor savings and higher volumes of products poured.