Chill-Rite 32


Every Chill-Rite system is factory engineered to provide the greatest yield possible to the end user. Our system is designed around high-quality equipment and regularly achieves 95%-99% keg yields. This far surpasses the industry standard of 75% keg yields. We achieve this using our advanced chilling technology and by looking at a system holistically, not just as individual parts. The advanced design of our system allows us to reduce the product temperature from the cooler to the tap creating a more stable product, which leads to higher keg yields. Colder is the key to creating a stable product but the system truly separates itself with its ability to precisely control dispensing temperature. The system not only reduces the temperature of the beer but can control the temperature at the taps to within ONE degree.

Along with knowing the science behind the pour we also provide a large selection of beer towers. We offer a variety of design options from standard T towers to large customize pipe towers and everything in between. Our designers and production team have the ability to create a beer tower that will be the centerpiece of your bar. To back all of this up we have a support team that is second to none. We pride ourselves with the fact that you will always have a live person on the phone to assist with any issue that may arise.

Millennium System

The Millennium System is a glycol based beer system specifically designed to remove heat and further chill the beer as it travels to the tap.  Capable of removing 8 degrees of heat within a 80′ beer line resulting in a ice cold beer at the taps. Temperature reduction and control are the key features when utilizing millennium system. The System has the capability to deliver multiple temperatures at the tap. Catering to all styles of beer ranging from your light beers to your warmer stouts. 

The 32 Draught Beer System

The 32 System guarantees 32 degree beer at the faucets regardless of walk-in cooler temperature and line run length. The 32 System flash chills the beer using our Cold Block technology. This system is capable of delivering 32 degree beer no matter the volume. 

It is our guarantee!!!

The 32 System application is ideal in the following situations: