Chill-Rite 32

Mix Drink Delivery Systems

Chill-Rite manufactures state-of-the-art self mixing tanks can dispense a wide variety of dispensing applications.


Mixed drinks on tap is one of the best ways to optimize your bar! Chill Rite’s Mixed Drink Delivery System provides your customer with faster service times and more consistent drinks. For the end user this means you can easily keep track of your alcohol sales, create faster turn over and most of all make more profit with less management. 

 Serving non-alcoholic drinks on tap? We have a system for that as well! We carry pressure kegs capable of serving a wide variety of concentrates, mixes, teas, or even cold brew can be dispensed through the system.

Features & Benefits

– Large batch container ranging from 3 gallons – 20 gallons or even larger

– Our tanks have a customizable mixing timer to ensure that you never have any separation in the product.

 – Easy to clean – front flush entire system at one time

– No maintenance

– Auto-Mixing Tanks remotely located in the walk-in. One panel per product.

 – The Auto-Mixing Tanks mixed refrigerated cocktails “on demand” from a remote location to dispenser (up to 500 ft. away).

 – Premixing in large quantities eliminates “heavy handed” pours and allows you to easily keep track of alcohol sales